What is TBS?

The Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) is derived from the texture of the DXA image and has been shown to be related to bone microarchitecture and fracture risk.

The Trabecular Bone Score is computed from the antero-posterior spine DXA examination file by a software (TBS iNsight) that is provided for use as a complement to a DXA analysis. TBS values calculated with TBS iNsight version 2.1 and above can be used to compute FRAX adjusted for TBS.

The lumbar spine texture analysis using TBS is a risk factor for osteoporotic fracture. The predictive ability of TBS is independent of FRAX clinical risk factors and femoral neck BMD.

What is FRAX adjusted for TBS?

FRAX adjusted for TBS is an algorithm derived from WHO FRAX calculation tool to adjust probability of fracture from clinical risk factors and BMD to account for TBS. The calculated probabilities of fracture have been shown to be more accurate when computed including TBS.

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